I am tired of racial stereotypes. It's time to call for an end of the use of the w-word.

White is a color not a race. It is degrading to live in a world with people being labeled white, crackers, honkies, etc.

Many great African-Americans worked together to bring an end to the use of the n-word, then the b-word. African-Americans are not black, their skin tones range from light to dark browns. I would be offended if someone called me a color that I clearly was not representative of.

That is why I am calling for a ban of the w-word. I have only ever seen one person in my life that could be loosely representative of the color white. He suffered from a rare genetic albino disorder. 

Many in other circles and communities are struggling to ban the r-word, commonly used by the under-educated to refer to persons with learning disabilities. I could not agree more that it is unthinkable to refer to someone who has a genetic or other acquired disability to be demeaned by such a nasty and vial word.

Did you ever notice that on forms everywhere that ask for race the options are:

·         White

·         Hispanic

·         African

·         Asian

·         Native-American

Did you ever wonder what people from the Middle East choose? Well according to the United States census bureau they are white. Clearly they are not any other the other choices but I’m not white so how can they be? The only thing I can infer from this is that the US government thinks white is a class of people. Obviously everyone knows that there is only one race, human beings aka homo sapiens. So how can the question even be valid? It’s not!

That is why in addition to calling for an end to the w-word I calling for an end to references to race!

Please see my “Words not to be used: when & where" page for a complete list

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