I would like to apologize that I list the actual word, after the acceptable reference, so as to help those who may not know what we are talking about better understand what “not” to do.

·         N-word – “Nigger” or any of it’s variants (Nigga’, Negro, Nappy-head, etc). There exists no situation where these words are useful. A complete ban is needed. Rap music should be the 1st to stop and not the last. The number one market for rap music is suburban middle class children who are more demographically mostly Caucasian and not African. Why then would a group of rappers who are predominantly African in decent try to make it seem acceptable for predominantly Caucasian kids to use the n-word? It is as big a mystery to me as the existence of dark matter and what ever happened to that Aruba girl.

·         R-word – “Retard” or any of it’s variants (‘tard, etc). It is a great injustice for these people who endure and triumph over what many think impossible to be belittled by a term that in no way represents them. This is a common them in this site. Stereotypes are not accurate and actually take away from the collective positivity of society and do not benefit anyone in anyway.

·         W-word – “White” or any similar variant (Whitty, Ghost, Casper, honkie, Pale-face, etc) No Caucasian I have ever know was representative of the color white. As a group Caucasians vary from a light peachy pink to medium light brown and tan. It is insulting to me to be referred to as a color that I am not.

·         B-word – “Black” or others like (Blackie, Darkie, choco, etc) I have never seen a person that was the color black, except in a movie but they were burnt to a crisp from a fire. Just like I would want to be called white I would not think it wise to call someone black as it is impossible to be alive and the color black.

·         C-word – “Cracker” or similar. I have not been baked or toasted, nor salted and pressed. I am naturally leavened and not at all unleavened. I do not hang out with cheese cubes, easy cheese, or summer sausage. I have never been “ritz” or “club.” This term makes less sence than white and should be avoided.

·         H-word – “honkie” or similar. Do I have a horn or emit a metallic bell like sound? Then keep your honking related references to yourself.

·         RN-word – “red-neck” or similar (woodchuck, country, back-woods, etc) these are hard working people who many thing belong to the r-word categorie but are really just an underdeveloped sub-culture. Please use Appalachian-Americans whenever possible as not to offend. Just as rap stars should stop using the n-word, country stars should stop referring to themselves as rn-word. However country music main demographic is representative of itself and do have increased suicide rates among devote listeners.

·         More to come! Any suggestions let me know! sic0@live.com

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